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Endorsed by more than 4.000 students over 7 editions

After 7 editions, the Vicente del Bosque Campus has consolidated the concept of recreation and physical activity. Apart from developing competitiveness, physical activity encourages important human values such as communication, integration and companionship.

With more than 10 years of experience in the world of sports, we offer a certified and highly qualified team of professionals experienced in education, competition and of course, the supervision of the world champion and National football coach Vicente del Bosque.

We have over 10 years of experience in the world of sports, a qualified and highly qualified team with experience in high competition and of course with the supervision of the National Team and World Champion Vicente del Bosque.

Campus Vicente del Bosque has been consolidated as a leisure and physical activity concept that promotes human values ​​such as communication, integration and companionship.

The start of the external campus will be Monday, July 2 until Friday, July 13, registration can be divided by week (€ 275) or Fortnight (€ 500).

The start of the internal campus will be Sunday, July 1 until Sunday, July 15, registration can be divided by week (€ 590) or Fortnight (1180).

The official time will be from 08:30 to 15:00, and can be extended with activities until 8:00 pm (without dinner) for € 125 extra per week.

The ages of the students of Campus Vicente del Bosque will be between 6 and 16 years old, both inclusive, will be controlled by specialized monitors and lifeguards. The students will have a “refreshing zone” that will organize Coca-Cola and we will give snacks and snacks in the middle of the morning to recharge the batteries, completing a balanced sports nutrition composed of five meals a day.

The main activity of Campus Vicente del Bosque will be soccer in its different categories, dividing the work into three daily sessions, given by people with national trainer title and another practice, where they will perform all kinds of exercises:

  • Technification session: based on the individual improvement of a technical aspect of the game.
  • Group session: work in small blocks of players, in which to transfer the improvement achieved in the technification session to collective games.
  • Competitive session: competitive game situations, in which players can transfer everything learned in previous training sessions.

The specific position of goalkeeper, will have his own work divided into individualized sessions prior to collective work with the rest of his companions.

Every day, after the morning sessions, our chic @ s will enjoy one hour of pool, with games of cooperation, cohesion, as well as a complete evaluation of the aspects worked out, because in the Campus Vicente del Bosque all the aspects of Sports growth and human development are important.

Being a minimum of 2 sessions of specific soccer work daily, the day will be completed with multi-sport activities, visits to the beach, games for the improvement of interrelations, …