Endorsed by more than 5,000 students over 8 editions

After 8 editions, the Vicente del Bosque Campus has consolidated the concept of recreation and physical activity. Apart from developing competitiveness, physical activity encourages important human values such as communication, integration and companionship. With more than 10 years of experience in the world of sports, we offer a certified and highly qualified team of professionals experienced in education, competition and of course, the supervision of the world champion and National football coach Vicente del Bosque.

Where will the Madrid camp be held?

We provide a team of highly-qualified professionals with the supervision of Vicente del Bosque. We carefully chose the best installations to hold this camp, and could choose no better location than the La Cabrera Sports Centre (C/ La Cabrera, s/n . 28035 Madrid), a spectacular sports complex.

Camp Video presentation

In this spectacular video present to the press and the world the next edition of the Vicente del Bosque Camp for 2019 and launch our first bookings.

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